We help build software products

Harken was born out of a desire to build best of breed products and support founders as they scale. The Harken team is made up of seasoned technology veterans that have worked for the companies like Atlassian, Dropbox and WhatsApp.

We've worked for some of Silicon Valley's elite software technology companies and have taken companies from early funding rounds to exits. 

Harken has a product-first practice and active up-skilling on all new technology stacks, and best-practices. 

Harken is a US company with offices in San Francisco, Califorina and Tacoma, Washington. 

How do we do what we do?

We create or augment your technology team with highly qualified and motivated people to help build a great product. 

If you're building something and need some experienced people like:

We aren't just a title though; our team loves building products and we've worked on some of the world's best.

Harken believes in partnership and as a result we can build everything end to end, typically we make up to close to 50% of the product and technical team of the companies we support.